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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience level am I? 

Beginner: I am able to ride comfortably on Black Diamond terrain in the ski resort. No to little backcountry experience.
See courses; Day ToursIntro to Splitboarding, AIARE Level 1 Avalanche, AIARE Avalanche Rescue 

Intermediate: I am able to ride on all terrain at the ski resort comfortably. I have toured before or I venture out into the backcountry occasionally. 
See courses; Day ToursAdvanced Splitboard, Snowboard Mountaineering, Snowboard a 14er, AIARE Level 1, AIARE Level 2, AIARE Avalanche Rescue

Advanced: I am able to ride on all terrain at the ski resort comfortably. I tour in the backcountry frequently. I have taken an avalanche course and may also have medical training. 
See courses: Day Tours, Advanced Splitboard, Snowboard Mountaineering, Snowboard a 14er, AIARE Level 1

What should I bring?

​Varies depending on what course you will be on. Please inquire for more info on specific courses or see attached full gear list below. 

  • Split board, boots, poles, and skins ( rentals available upon request)

  • Ice axe and crampons (rentals available upon request) 

  • Helmet 

  • Beacon, Shovel, Probe (rentals available upon request)

  • Synthetic or wool long underwear bottom and top (base layer)

  • Mid layer top and bottom (insulation layer)

  • Insulated “Puffy” Jacket

  • Waterproof Jacket and pants

  • Wool or synthetic socks + 2 extras 

  • Warm gloves or mittens

  • Hat and neck gaiter or balaclava

  • Goggles and sunglasses

  • Multi-Day pack backpack (40-70 Liter)

  • Day pack backpack (20-40 Liter)

  • Sleeping bag (0 to 15 degree)

  • Personal Hygiene Kit

  • Headlamp with spare batteries 

  • Down or synthetic booties

  • Water bottle (At least 1 Liter per person) 

  • Hand warmers

  • Hot liquid in thermos

  • Extra gloves (Liner Gloves for the uphill)

  • Chapstick

  • Camera

  • Notebook and pencil

  • Compass

  • Snow Study Kit (thermometer, snow saw, crystal card, magnifier)

What can I rent from you? 

​Limited quantities but we can rent crampons, ice axe, beacon, shovel, probe. Upon request we can arrange a rental for splitboard, boots, poles, skins. 

How many people will be in the course? 

​Varies. Our guide/guest ratio is 1/5. We try to and encourage coming into a course hoping to meet fellow enthusiasts. Inquire for more info on private outings. 

Where will we meet? 

​ Varies. This depends on where we choose to go for the day. You will be providing your own transportation to the trailhead of our choosing. Transportation may be provided upon request. Inquire for more info. 

Is food provided?  

​You will be asked to provide your own food and water for most day tours unless requested prior. Food is included in the cost of all overnight courses. 

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